Recently, the PNP announced that they are now on hunt for their 3 persons of interest responsible for the Davao City blast on Friday night of September 02. They also confirmed that the suspects used a cellphone to trigger the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) where they assumed as a 6mm mortar round. 

As they further the investigation, they found out that one of the suspects even sat down for a massage in one of the stalls in the night market.  One witness, Alvin Pelayo, one of the lucky ones who were not in the area when the explosion happens, confirmed that one of the suspects paid for a massage service and left a bag in the stall. The bag was the suspected IED. As of now, the PNP has 8 witnesses and 8 cctv footages to help them solve the case. 

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre confirms that they will be sending a team of investigators from the NBI and fiscals from the Department of Justice. He also assured that once the team gets a lead to the suspects and accumulate sufficient evidence, they will immediately file a case against them to serve justice to the more 10 victims who died and over 60 other injured. 

Meanwhile, as per the President's order, Davao City has intensified their security and have patrols 24/7 especially in the exits and checkpoints of the city.

Source: TNP, Untweb

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