"A cellphone was used to trigger the improvised explosive device (IED)" This was the conclusion of the authorities regarding the blast in Roxas night market happened in Davao City last Friday. 

Philippine National Police Regional Crime Laboratory Office in Davao City reported that were abl to recover fragments of the IED in the bodies of the victims. According to the initial police investigation, the pieces are parts of a 60mm mortar round.

PNP is now looking at 3 persons of interest and is now developing an artist sketch with the help of the witnesses. As of now, they have no lead to the whereabouts of the suspects whether they are still in the city or not. 

PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa stated: "“First doon sa person of interest, may description tayo kinunan nang artist sketch…accordingly isang lalake at dalawang babae yung mga persons of interest,”

They are also looking at the angle of the possible diversion from the Abu Sayyaf following the intensified operations against the terrorists. 

"That is what we are suspecting, to ease up the pressure that they have been experiencing in Sulu and Basilan right now. This might be a diversionary tactic para ma (to) ease up yung (the) pressure doon sa kanila at (from them); ma-divert na naman tayo (we’ll be diverted again) from being offensive. They want us to become defensive,” Dela Rosa says.

Meanwhile, PNP assures that they will serve justice for the victims of the tragedy.

PNP Is Now On Hunt After The Three Suspects Responsible For Davao Blast. READ THE FULL STORY HERE!
Source: TNP, Untvweb

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