Amidst the Senate probe on extrajudicial killings, Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson slams two of his colleagues as dumber than a first grader but he did not name them.
It’s safe to assume that the first grader, Sen. Lacson was referring to was Edgar Matobato, the star witness of Senator Leila de Lima along with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.
“Some senators are smarter than a first grader. Two senators are dumber than the same first grader,” he said.
It’s not a secret that de Lima and Trillanes are the only ones supporting the testimony of Matobato even though other senators cited a number of inconsistency in his testimonies.
Trillanes defended Matobato by slamming the questions thrown at him and labeled it as unfair for Matobato is only a first grader.
Lacson is one of the senators who said that Matobato is not a credible witness after finding several “material” inconsistencies in his statements.

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