It seems like the Filipino president is getting also some fans outside the country.

A video of a Swedish man praising Duterte with his good leadership on his advocacy to fight drugs and corruption in the country has gone viral on the internet.

In the video posted by All about Duterte's Administration Accomplishments posted last Sept. 9, swedish Thomas Hedman was interviewed by a Filipino and asked him what he thinks about Duterte.

"He's gonna fight the corruption, the criminals, the drugs, everything. He's gonna get the Philippines on the right way," Hedman said.

He also said he was impressed with Duterte's leadership style as he shows his Duterte baller on his left hand.

Netizens lauded the Swedish man and thanking him for the support he gave to their president while some Filipinos are criticizing his way of leadership.

As of the press time, the video accumulated more than 230 thousand views and six thousand shares on Facebook.

Source: TNP NowReader Facebook

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