Last Friday
, the ex-wife of alleged drug lord and fugitive Kerwin Espinosa was shot dead. 

Based on the initial reports, the 30-year-old, Annalou Llaguno was with her partner riding a motorcycle when another motorcycle followed them then shot her in the head TWICE.

Authorities recovered a .45 caliber pistol in the crime scene. However, they are yet to know the identities of the suspects.

Annalou Llaguno sold jewelry to make a living, but the investigators said the incident was drug-related as she was in a relationship with one of Cebu’s drug lord Jeffrey JaguarDiaz besides being Espino’s ex-wife.  

Kerwin Espinosa's Ex-Wife Was Shot Dead In Cebu, TWICE! READ WHAT HAPPENED HERE!
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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