Upon his arrival in Japan on Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte was welcomed by a crowd of Overseas Filipino Workers.

Duterte on his  speech shared his vision of Filipinos visiting Japan for vacation and not for work as soon as Philippines' economy becomes stable. The President also thanked Japan for providing Filipinos employment avenues and for helping the Philippines.

"Bilyon-bilyon ho ang binibigay para makatulong sa ating bayan, kaya salamat po sa inyo" Duterte said. Duterte also mentioned about his continuous campaign of extermination drugs and corruption in the country. 

The president also reminded his listeners of always asserting their rights especially when it comes to abusive public officials. He said that a particular contact number is already allotted for the purpose of reporting abusive or corrupted cuts from the government. Duterte said that people should not hesitate using this number.

Aside from his was against drugs, he also mentioned that  he is focused on his priority of building a better version of the country.

Source: TNP, CNN

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