In a press briefing in Beijing China, President Rodrigo Duterte said that Senator Leila De Lima could face the same fate with Gloria Arroyo, if proven guilty.
You think those officials who testified against De Lima are lying? these so many NBI agents and all? If those connections are true, she will rot in jail. There’s no bail because not only did she encourage in allowing shabu to enter in and out. She was a principal by direct participation.-Duterte
I am telling you now, she is in danger of going to jail. Remember the moment the indictment is charged in court, there’s no bail. She could be what Gloria Arroyo suffered.
It can be recalled that the former President Gloria Arroyo was detained for five years, due to the alleged misuse of P366 million of PCSO intelligence funds.

Source: http://trendtitan.com/philippines/duterte-predicts-de-lima-suffer-fate-arroyo-proven-guilty/

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