Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada has expressed his support to the Duterte administration regarding the foreign policy issue saying that Philippines can rise on its own as a nation apart from foreign allies.

Estrada backed President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement against the United States (US), the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) to just withdraw their assistance if they insist on criticizing the government's war against illegal drugs.

“Matagal na tayong independent, lahat sila nakikiaalam. Ngayon kung hihingi tayo ng tulong sa kanila, ‘yun….Mga bobo ba mga Filipino” Estrada stated on Wednesday.

“Kaya naman natin kung talagang magsisikap tayo, e. Magpapalimos na lang ba tayo habambuhay?” he added.

The former president said that the Philippines has the capability to be self-reliant only if Filipinos will support the government. 

“Kamukha ng Vietnam, mahirap na mahirap. Bakit ngayon mas malakas pa sa atin? Nag-e-export pa ng bigas ngayon ,” he said.

“Tulung-tulong lang tayong malagay sa ayos ang ating bansa. Wala kasi tayong malasakit sa ating bansa,” the mayor added.

Duterte has since continued his tirade against the US, UE and UN.

“Mamili kayo, the crumbs of the favor of other nations, mag-asa lang tayo sa assistance nila or we make a stand that this country must survive, that this country must see to it that the next generation is protected?” Duterte said in an interview last week.

Erap Backs Duterte's Stand On Foreign Aid: 'Kaya Naman Natin Kung Talagang Magsisikap Tayo'
Source: TNP , Inquirer

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