Singer Freddie Aguilar on Sunday defended President Rodrigo Duterte from critics saying that his cursing could influence Filipino children.

Aguilar on his Facebook page said that he as a father is not bothered should his child curse.
"Bilang isang ama ay kaya kong tanggapin na ang anak ko ay nagmumura!" he said.

The 63-year old singer said that he would on any day, take a cursing child than a lying, stealing and hypocritic one.

"Pero di ko matatanggap at magagalit ako kung ang anak ko ay sinungaling, magnanakaw at hipokrito!" he added.
Netizens have reacted to his statement.

The reactions were a mixture of the positive and the negative.

Pira Nelly said ,“everybody swears the president is no exception. our children is our responsibility not others. my God look on radio tv it is most garbage aired by stupid announcers Duterte is second to the Marcos a great leader they should worry about those corrupt leaders some song yellow ribbon? yeah right great poster friend love it”
Another Netizen named Reyma Termo on the other hand, went with Aguilar's statement and said "Tama ka Freddie Aguilar.expresion napo ngaun ang pagmumura,mapapamura ka talaga kung may magnananaw sinungaling at traidor.matatalino na mga bata ngaun alam na nila agad ung tama at ang mali."
Source: http://www.filipinewsph.com/2016/10/freddie-aguilar-defends-pdutere.html

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