Senator Gordon and Senator Leila De Lima clashed again at the most recent hearing on extrajudicial killings. This was after Senator Gordon shifted the focus of the hearing from EJKto Death Penalty and refused to hear the witnesses presented by the Commission on Human Rights. 

“We are not taking the human rights out of the question. I just said, under the circumstances, kung pinagdududahan ninyo ang committee, huwag na kayo pumunta dito,”Gordon said in connection with his demand of apology from Commissioner Roberto Eugenio. 

De Lima then motioned to hear CHR chairman Chito Gascon who was at the session hall. But since there was no vote, the motion got overruled.

De Lima again motioned to defer hearing bills related to the death penalty noting the three-day rule of giving notice to the committee members. 

But Gordon replied: 

“I will not be dissuaded. You’re going against the issue. You cannot control it the way you controlled it [the] last time.” 

“I am not going to veer from the purpose of the investigation. The whole hearings have been so convoluted,” 

“The motion is overruled. You may bring it to the floor next time,”

Things escalated quickly from there when De Lima said: “Hindi po appropriate na kung anu-anong issue ang hinahalo niyo,” 

Gordon replied: “Anong hinahalo? Ikaw ang naghahalo ng mga issue.”

De Lima explained that it was not the proper venue to settle the matter but Gordon cut her in the middle saying "noted, noted."

Senator Manny Pacquiao then was allowed to sponsor death penalty bill, in which he was one of the authors. 

Meanwhile, Gascon and the CHR finds it inaccurrate to suspend Senate inquiry and released a statement saying:

“[It’s] not accurate, as the Commission En Banc has not deliberated any position on the matter. The Commission respects the independence of the Senate and recognizes its authority to conduct hearings, in accordance with its own rules,” 

“The Commission hopes that the Senate will come up with fair and credible results, cognizant of the latter’s independence and competence. The Commission continues to be ready to assist the Senate and its Committees in shedding light on matters pertaining to human rights,”


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