After years of peace and silence, Katrina Halili is once again haunted by the terrors of her past s*x scandal which floated in the year 2009 because of a basher who brought up the said scandal in Twitter. It can be recalled that the video featured Halili's affair with Dr. Hayden Kho who was then in a relationship with Dra. Vicky Belo. She took legal actions but the video has gone viral and was hard to retract. 

The basher said: “Kat, ang galing-galing mo sumayaw sa s*x scandal.”

But Katrina Halili is not letting the horrors get into her and immediately slammed the basher saying: "“Talaga? Inggit ka? Gawa ka din, dali.”

However, the basher went back at her saying: "“Katrina sarap ulit-ulitin ang scandal mo… kasama ka siguro sa watch list about drugs.”

Halili once again made a major comeback and tweeted back saying: "“Push mo 'yan! Samahan mo ng Bible ah…”

With this, many of her fans were exhilarated and advised her to just ignore the said basher. Proving that she's not affected at all, Katrina took the advise but did it with a twist when she quoted the tweet saying: "“At least napasaya ko siya today! Yun ang importante. Ulit-ulitin niya para masaya palagi."

'Inggit ka? Gawa ka din, dali!' Katrina Halili Slams Basher Over Old Sex Scandal!

and "Sana maging masaya siya sa buhay niya, mukhang miserable kasi.”

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'Inggit ka? Gawa ka din, dali!' Katrina Halili Slams Basher Over Old Sex Scandal!
Source: TNP , PEP

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