Radio and singer-songwriter Kat Alano lambasted Senator Leila de Lima in her Facebook account and said that the latter should stop using the women's rights in her statements.

Alano said that she asked for help but De Lima opted not to heed her.

In her Facebook page, Alano wrote:

"Do not use the Filipina women as protection against your own wrongdoings. When I contacted you and beseeched you as a woman and a Filipina to stand up for rape victims everywhere, you turned a blind eye". 

"And now you want the women of the Philippines to stand beside you?"

Alano claimed that she was also a rape victim by an actor when she was still 19 years.

"I stood for my rights and you took no notice." she wrote

“Under your jurisdiction, a PUBLIC FIGURE who is a KNOWN RAPIST that has had several rape cases filed against him has been allowed to go free, scaring the rest of his victims into submission, knowing the ease at which the other cases were dismissed without fair deliberation,” Alano said.

“You see Secretary De Lima, I myself am a victim of the same man who has been allowed to go free under your jurisdiction. At 19 years old, I was raped 10 years ago and I dread to think how many more silent victims there have been since me,” she added.


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