The C5 extension road is now open and tarpaulins along the highway bearing President Rodrigo Duterte’s name along with Public Works and Highway secretary Mark Villar was making more buzz in social media than the project it self, mainly because of the message written in it.
Particularly this message: “An initiative of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte”.

duterte villar tarpaulin c5
duterte villar tarpaulin c5

The said tarpaulins has been criticize by both supporters and critics of the president alike, where some say it is a clear form of credit grabbing and others say that this was not approve by the president because it’s not his way of doing things even if he was just a mayor.
A concerned citizen asked Sass Rogando Sasot, a vocal supporter of the President, a way to contact the team of Villar because the issue is being used against him by ‘Yellows’ and tainting the name of the president.
Hi Miss Sass!
I just saw this photo today from echoserang Carlos Celdran.
It’s a photo of tarpaulins indicating the initiative of the President and DPWH Sec Villar on the C5 extension road.
I was born and raised in Davao City and Duterte NEVER DOES THIS TYPE OF KA-EPALAN! How can we call out the attention of Villar para itigil na niya and kawalang hiyaan na ito as it would badly reflect on PRRD.
When I saw this my blood boiled instantly. Ginagamit na naman ito ng mga Yellow para siraan si PRRD. It’s just a tarpaulin pero putangina this is not good.
Sasot used her special direct line (social media) to call the attention of the Villar team and immediately got a response from Anna Mae who claims to be from the Villar team.

villar team message
villar team message

Anna Mae said that the tarpaulins in question was never approved by the secretary and was taken down immediately after Villar saw it. She said that they do not do anything that is “contrary to the guidance of the President”.
Anna Marie apologized for the misunderstanding.
Sasot, Mocha Uson and mostly supporters of the president applauded Villar and his team for the quick action regarding the issue.
The project was done under the Aquino administration and completed 2 months after Duterte assume the office of the president.
Source: Definitely Filipino TrendTitan

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