Last October 11, Duterte made it clear that when he was still a mayor, he didn’t like to be embarrassed much more now that he is the President of the Philippines which is a sovereign country.
Duterte made the point while he explained to new appointees and local executives the reason why he was lambasting United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, US President Barrack Obama and the members of the European Union.
All three issued statements of concerns over the lack of respect for human rights in Duterte’s illegal drug campaign.
Likened to Jesus Christ by Communications Sec. Jose Ruperto Martin Andanar, Duterte virtually told the public that nobody can point him any wrongdoing– much less when it comes to dealing with the drug menace.
“Hahanapan ako ng mali. But you know, the EU and itong human rights, alam nila ‘yung statement ‘yan. You know if it is not a crime in my country, how can you be…How can you prosecute me before any other body?,”
“It has to start with the criminal laws of the land of which I am amenable because I am a Filipino citizen. But unfortunately for them wala,”
Duterte said the US, EU and the United Nations should start their own honest-to-goodness inquiries on the summary executions before blaming it on his administration.
“And they reprimand me and chastise me including Secretary of State, ‘yung babae doon pati Obama. And you know before you, you must do some digging,” he said.
Duterte said he has given a fair warning for every one not to humiliate him before the ASEAN summit in Laos last month.
“Before I left for Laos I said: Huwag ninyo akong hiyain doon. Huwag ninyo. And I was referring to the press and everybody who would ask me publicly,”

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