Senator Trillanes has always been portrayed as a law-abiding citizen and a very respectable senator. This caused a lot of fellowmen placing their trust and respect within his hands. He was known as a person that is greatly against government corruption.

But as the new administration arised, being led by President Duterte, it seems that the image is slowly being taken off. The senator has been known to file numerous claims that goes against the current president, even at the time of elections.  

In this video, where a Duterte campaign is being held, someone had step up and opened the eyes of many. 

He states how Senator Trillanes is actually a very different person than the media portrays him to be. The primary issue is about the Scarborough Shoal. The island has long been being fought for whether it belongs to the Philippines or China. 

They say that Trillanes was eager to negotiate to the Chinese regarding the ownership of the island but suddenly vanished when it was time to take stand. He even stated that Trillanes was one of those who openly grabbed money in exchange of favors. 

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