Paul Quilet, the Netizen who started the petition on Change.org to remove Mocha Uson Blog Fanpage on Facebook was allegedly mass reported by some Facebook users who doesn’t like his petition against the avid Duterte supporter.

Paul confirmed on his petition that his account was reported on Facebook and according to him, he already appealed on Facebook to bring back his account as soon as possible.
Despite of being pressured by the people who wants to stop his petition, Paul still fighting for his advocacy and still continued the petition on Change.org that received mass support from social media.
Paul also received hate messages from Mocha Uson supporters.
As of now, the petition already reached 30,000 supporters.
Mocha Uson Blog is one of the most active blog today on Facebook , according to Facebook Fanpage stats, the page got more engagement than the other local news fanpage on Facebook. She also got 4,000,000 likes.
The petition of Paul Quilet against Mocha Uson fanpage sparks debate on Freedom of Speech.

Source: http://pinoytrending.altervista.org/netizen-started-petition-ban-mocha-facebook-removed-facebook/

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