Last Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte discredited claims that the United Nations [UN] is the most generous foreign aid to the Philippines.

After the oath taking of Duterte’s new appointees along with the officers the League of Municipalities of the Philippines [LMP],  he delivered a speech in Malaca├▒ang saying that Japan has been the biggest donor of the Philippines. 

“Contrary to the belief of other Filipinos, it is not the United Nations. Maliit lang iyon, pati ang military. It’s the Japanese government ang pinakamalaking tulong,” Duterte emphasized.

However, he did not elaborate.

He also mentioned, "I do not expect human rights, I do not expect Obama, I do not expect the EU to understand me. Do not understand me. And if you think it's high time for you to withdraw assistance, go ahead. We will not beg for it.”

The statement was created after Vice President Leni Robredo mentioned that the long speech of President Duterte might change foreign aid policies affecting programs of the government for anti-poverty.

However, Duterte claims that he will not jeopardize the dignity of the Filipinos only because of the aid of foreign countries.

“Ano’ng paningin n’yo sa amin? How do you look at us? Mendicants? Na magsige lang sunod-sunod kami? We will survive. We will survive as a nation,” Duterte said.

President Duterte: 'Japan Is The Most Generous To The Philippines, Not UN'
Source: TNP, GMA

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