Former NBI Deputy Director Rafael Ragos provides a supplemental affidavit against former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima in regards to drug money.
Nag execute siya ng supplemental affidavit na nage-enumerate ng instances na hindi lang dalawang beses siyang nag deliver ng pera. Sinabi niya sa kanyang supplemental affidavit na ilang beses siyang nag deliver ng pera kay Ronnie Dayan. – Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II
Based on Ragos’ supplemental affidavit, he delivered drug money twice worth P5 million cash to the senator’s main house with NBI Agent Jovencio Ablen Jr. He stated that upon arriving at the senator’s house, De Lima received the drug money personally.
Unfortunately, NBI agent Ablen’s statement is a contrast to what Ragos has said. According to Ablen, he saw De Lima inside her house but then, it was her driver Ronnie Dayan who received the money.
In addition to that, Ragos revealed that there are times Ronnie received the drug money when the senator is not available.
Aside from NBI Ragos, Aguirre confirmed there are 9 witnesses who are more than willing to testify against Senator Leila De Lima.

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