Prior to the trending statement actress Agot Isidro dropped just recently on Facebook, many have been reacting and rushing to President Rodrigo Duterte's rescue.

The actress called Duterte a "psychopath" regarding his battles with the United States and Europenian Union, saying that the president should consider professional help.

Instant bashes and hurtful replies bombarded Isidro following her post.

And now, Erwin Tulfo, also a Duterte supporter, reacted to tIsidro's remark.

On his Twitter account, the journalist shared a comment (not his) which states that the only reason why the actress would do this is to use the president's fame to revive hers.

"Laos na kasi kaya nagpapansin,"  the comment said.

Erwin Tulfo Reacts To  Agot Isidro: 'Laos Na Kasi' READ MORE HERE!
Source: TNP, NewsTrendph

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