There is an alleged plot to oust President Duterte that is made up elements having been disenfranchised by the President’s no-nonsense reforms. This was bared by Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco.
He even named the elements that he was talking about, he identified the supposed plotters, and said that they are in the process of recruiting police and soldiers for the coup as members of the Liberal Party, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, and elite businessmen.
“Now, they are convincing the military and police, together with this Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, to join in their cause to topple Duterte,”
“That’s because they look down on us, they did not know that our minds were molded by our experiences, our studies, and our outlook of life that the elite don’t have.”
After stating this, however, he said that he is confident that they will not be successful in their plan.
“A coup will only be possible if there is mass anger toward the administration. But if people are contented because government services are reaching their doorsteps and government is responding to their basic needs,”
“The government and media have no other masters except the people. Tell the truth, defend the voiceless and the oppressed. That is not easy, a lot of your colleagues were killed for doing that,” he stressed. “But whatever it takes to tell and defend the truth, you face it because you committed to be media persons.”

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