In response to the alleged growing number of killings during buy bust operations on thePresident's drug war, Senator Leila De Lima filed a bill last October 11 (Tuesday) to stop the spate of killings named 'Senate Bill 1197' or the 'Anti Extrajudicial Killing Act of 2016.'

The said bill indicated that warning shots are prohibited and in its place, authorities should instead issue warnings through megaphones before the operation would take place.

The bill also tackles the use of force by authorities specifying that retaliation by police would be considered appropriate only when criminals prove themselves to be dangerous: "use of force when employed shall be proportionate, and shall be allowed only when there is clear and convincing attempt to evade arrest. Alternative non-lethal incapacitating weapon"

The said bill has received numerous feedbacks; others took her suggestion into consideration while many criticized the bill saying it only favors the criminals. Among those criticizing the bill is Erwin Tulfo.

Tulfo bashed De Lima's proposed bill describing it as 'stupid'.

"Delima files a bill anti-EJK. She wants cops to announce their arrival to warn suspects of their arrest. What a stupid bill. Tsk, tsk, tsk," he tweeted.


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