In the middle of warming relations between China and the Philippines, Filipino fishermen have reported being approached by Chinese coast guards.
Filipino fishermen said that the Chinese coast guards approached them and shared their foods and items,the fishermen in returned shared their catch.
Local fisherman named Wilson Almadin said “Chinese Coast Guard vessels approached the boats of our fellow fishermen but only to share their food, liquor and cigarettes,”
Almadin added his fellow fishermen gave the Chinese some of their catch as an act of goodwill and said co-existence is possible as long as they are not being harassed.
“We’re now free to fish around the shoal. There’s no tension there. As long as we will be allowed to stay and fish around the shoal, I think we can coexist with the Chinese Coast Guard,” he said.
Ronald Giobalane, the captain of the fishing boat Almadin works in, confirmed the presence of the Chinese coast guard and said they were leaving them alone.
“There are four Chinese Coast Guard vessels still patrolling around the shoal. But they did not seem to mind our presence,” he said.
Since last week, local fishermen have been able to fish around the shoal without being chased away by the Chinese.

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