On Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte jokingly asked Vice President Leni Robredo's regarding her love life. 

Even as he ranted about his unsatisfaction over the housing projects for the victims of supertyphoon Yolanda in Tacloban City, Duterte still managed to make the air of the room easier to breathe in. 

"Pupunta rin ako kasi nandito si Vice President eh. Kung saan siya, nagpasunod-sunod ako. Biyuda kasi. Totoo, anulled ako. Pero may anak ako. Basta masuportahan lang," he said. 

"Ma'am, balita ko, may boyfriend ka raw? Sabi nila," Duterte teased the Vice President on stage. He even added when he saw Leni smiling, "Do not be offended. Iyong sabi nila? Hindi iyon totoo?" 

Leni laughed it off and shook her head to answer the president.

She is former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo's widow after he died in a plane crash last 2012. The two have three daughters.

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Source: TNP, GMA

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