After Senator Antonio Trillanes earlier said the people are being fooled by President Rodrigo Duterte and his false promises, Mocha Uson reacted and slamed the senator.

"Open your eyes. To the Filipino people, open your eyes, niloloko ka na. Niloloko na tayong lahat," said Trillanes on Thursday. "Sakay na sakay naman yung Pilipino. O di ba hindi niyo nakita na naisahan kayo dun? Ngayon, iniisihan pa kayo. Three to six months, 'I will stop crime.' Sakay na sakay na naman."

Being a vocal supporter of the President, Uson questioned the Senator over his various allegations against the President and answer asked him to provide proof to back up his accusations.

Mocha to Trillanes: Sa totoo lang sayang pinapasahod naming mga Pilipino sayo

Mocha to Trillanes: 'Sa totoo lang sayang pinapasahod naming mga Pilipino sayo'
Source: TNP, MochaUson

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