President Rodrigo Duterte has a new warning to all drug users and pushers: Stay inside your house or he will kill you himself.

He said that in the grand alumni homecoming of San Beda College of Law.

"Lahag kayo ng druguhan, wag kayong lumabas ng bahay. Wala man akong presuhan, pumasok kayo sa bahay niyo at maglock kayo. Pag lumabas ang mga p*tang 'to, patayin ko kayo," Duterte said.

He added that he is dedicated on his advocacy of war against drugs in his term as president.
"Believe me, until the last drug pusher and drug lord is exterminated, it will last until the last day of my term," the president said.

GMA News reported that under his term, there are already 1,595 killed because of his advocacy, while 30,000 were arrested and 8,000 surrendered to the police authorities.

Duterte also admitted that he is not happy being the president, saying that it feels like a prisoner.

Despite that, he said that he is still determined to solve the problem against drugs.

Source: TNP , GMANetwork

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