President Rodrigo Duterte has finally reacted after Ramos called his move to cut ties with U.S. a 'let down' and disappointing. The president explained that for him, it was a matter of honor. He hated how the US quickly accused him of extrajudicial killings when they have no evidence. He also noted how policemen are just doing their jobs and that the death toll can't all be blamed on the police force. 

He then forthrightly said that Ramos is a pro-west. He pointed how Ramos finished his studies in the US. He also noted how different he is from Ramos and that he cannot stomach how the United States exploited the Philippines in the last 50 years.

"Maybe this issue is nothing to him. If they can stomach (the way Americans treat us)...Fine!... The problem is they are not the President. I am."he said.

"I can rot in prison, but I will never allow na ganyanin mo bayan ko." he added. 

Meanwhile, Ramos already resigned as the Special Envoy to China

Source: TNP, Facebook

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