• Baybay City Provincial Jail (BCPJ) warden refuted CIDG operatives’ claim of a shootout 
  • He said Albuera mayor could be heard begging for his life shortly before he died 
  • He also denied collusion between Espinosa and jail guards, said they were powerless against CIDG
MANILA, Philippines – He was begging for his life before he died.

Refuting the PNP Criminal and Investigation Detection Group (CIDG) operatives’ of a shootout, Baybay City Provincial Jail (BCPJ) warden Homobono Bardillon said his personnel could hear Albuera mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. pleading with them to spare his life and not to plant evidence shortly before he was killed.

“They heard gunshots fired inside the cell of Espinosa where the slain mayor was begging for his life from the CIDG operatives,” Bardillon told the Philippine Star.
The warden added that his men could hear Espinosa pleading with the CIDG team not to plant evidence as he wasn’t hiding anything.
“Ayaw gyud ko ninyo plantere, sir, wa ko armas nga gitago [Please do not plant evidence sir, I’m not hiding any firearms],” he said.
Denying that his guards were colluding with Espinosa, Bardillon said jail personnel could do nothing but stand outside the premises as four policemen stood watch over them as the CIDG operatives stormed the premises.
“They could do nothing but simply observe. Otherwise, there would have been trouble,” he said.
Espinosa’s lawyer Atty. Lanie Villarino described the shooting as overkill and said initial autopsy results showed that the mayor could have already been lying down when he was shot due to the trajectory of the bullets.
“There’s a possibility that he fell but he was still shot at. His liver was destroyed. There is also no more gastric juice that could be made as a sample for drug testing. His stomach was also destroyed so we can’t get anything there,” she said.

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