In keeping with President Rodrigo Duterte's continuing, the Duterte administration is expected to burn the confiscated illegal drugs in public in order to gain the people's trust and prove that no corruption is taking place.

"Many corrupt officials are selling confiscated illegal drugs to other people, that is one of the reasons why we want to see a freshly confiscated shabu to be burned in public," says one supporter of Duterte.

Furthermore, others suggested wearing safety gears as they watch proper disposal of the drugs to avoid inhaling the hazardous smoke.

Sometime in July, a hefty amount of drugs summing up to a total of P1.77 billion of seized illegal drugs was already burned by the authorities in the public with the hopes that suspicions will be dismissed.

The burning was led by the Philippine National Police chief Director General himself, Ronald de la Rosa and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency director general Isidro Lapeña in a facility located in Trece Martirez, Cavite.

400,000 grams of shabu, cocaine, marijuana, ketamine, ephedrine, pseudeophedrine, expired medicines and 66,000 milliliters of liquid shabu were destroyed that day, all of which were confiscated in the first 10 days of Duterte's administration.

Source: TNP , Weblogph

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