Ever wonder what the big deal is about Duterte trying to revive the Bataan Power Plant

During the time the Marcoses left, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was ready for operation. Cory, however was advised by the Lopezes to forgo the project in favor of Meralco, costing the Philippines $ 2 Billion, and a power crisis in 1990s.

The same modus process happened again in PNOC-EDC,  a government owned geothermal power corporation.

After closing the BNPP, the Philippines relied heavily on generators to which Aboitiz had the exclusive contract of importing. Wigberto Tanada was the Custom Commissioner. 

In the end, Paul Aquino, the younger brother of Ninoy Aquino was in charge of privatization of PNOC-EDC. Paul then sold the government energy companies to the Lopezes at dirt cheap prices giving them the strong hold they still enjoy in today's economic climate.

In conclusion, it seems that Duterte's move to re-open the plant is not only relevant in the present; it speaks about our history as well.


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