Former DILG secretary Mar Roxas and standard-bearer of the Liberal Party (LP) MAr roxas was questioned by President Rodrigo Duterte over keeping in silent on how they spent the billion Yolanda funds.

President Duterte asked Roxas during the Presidential campaign. Roxas was the interior secretary when supertyphoon "Yolanda" hit and mostly destroyed Tacloban City where thousands died.

"They are silent about it. Gusto ko tanungin si Mar, billion ang dumating sa bansa nung Yolanda, saan ang pera?" Duterte said in his speech at Lyceum Northwestern University.

Duterte stated that the government failed to support and help the affected victims of the Yolanda despite of the billion of funds, plus the donations that the country has received.

"Ngayon ang tanong ko, titignan mo naman sa Leyte, puro...matamaan ng ay hindi lang typhoon kundi 'typhoonet', wala ma sira na." Duterte said.

Typhoonet is the term used Duterte means a weak typhoon.

"Where are the billions of money? Saan ang pera ng Yolanda? Masagot niya yan sana maging Presidente (siya). Pero hanggang ngayong walang accounting." he said.

"Saan ka maghahanap ng daang matuwid? Nagsakay ng motor, isang metro lang ang tinakbo, dahil kulubot ung daan, natumba. Hindi mo kayang magmotor, para sa akin hindi ka lalaki. Kung hindi mo kaya si Yolanda, hindi ka lalaki." he added.

"Maawa ang Diyos. I will guarantee you it will be a clean government. No corruption." Duterte promised.


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