A viral video warning against the plot of Filipino-American community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis to oust President Rodrigo Duterte was shared by his son Sebastian "Baste" Duterte is now making rounds on social media.

The video was created by CinEmotion Digital Films, sought public support to protect President Duterte from Lewis, described as the “power grabber.”

“Our dream of having true change for our country is happening but some tries to kill our democracy out of the pain, sacrifices we have made. Do we just let them stop the Change?” the message of the video reads.

Lewis, the biggest financier of defeated president candidate Mar Roxas was also in the video asking Duterte to step down from his position and said "let Vice President Leni Robredo take over."

“Be true to the promise at least. No extension. Resign now, President Duterte. Resign now. Let Vice President Leni become president and she will do it for you,” Lewis said.


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