It happened in a split second and it could easily escape you.  Anyway, it was Manny Pacquiao's time to interpellate but Senator Sonny Trillanes couldn't help cutting in.

After presenting his theories that Ronnie Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa are just weaving stories to discredit Senator Leila De Lima, Trillanes went further by asking Chief Inspector Espenido if De Lima was in Mayor Espinosa's BLUE BOOK. I don't know what his objective was in asking the question, but just the same I was glad he asked.

"Is De Lima's name in Mayor Espinosa's Blue Book?",  Trillanes confidently asked Inspector Espenido.  You could tell from Trillanes' face that he was expecting Espenido to answer "no Senator De Lima's name is not in the Mayor Espinosa's BLUE BOOK."

Since the Chief Inspector didn't answer right away, Trillanes asked the question again pressuring Espenido to give an answer and this is when it went disastrously wrong.

Instead of getting a yes or no reply, Chief Inspector Espenido said that "Senator Leila De Lima's name is in the PINK BOOK." Trillanes then quickly refocused the questioning to the BLUE BOOK but it was too late.

Now we know that De Lima's name is in the PINK BOOK and not in the BLUE BOOK of the late Mayor Espinosa.  Right now, I am wondering what De Lima is thinking about Trillanes.

With friends like Trillanes, De Lima doesn't need enemies.


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