After the abolishment of the Death Penalty under Arroyo's administration back in the year 2006 when she signed Republict Act or "An Act Prohibiting the Imposition of Death Penalty in the Philippines", the Duterte administration and its supporters seems intent on reviving it soon.

Under the House Bill 1, which recently passed the subcommittee in the House of Representatives, the death penalty is slowly inching its way back into our justice system. Its proposed methods? Hanging, firing squad and lethal injection. 

"The death sentence shall be executed under the authority of the Director of Corrections... who shall take steps to ensure that the hanging, firing squad or lethal injection to be administered is sufficient to cause the instantaneous death of the convict," the proposal states.

However, the International Commission of Jurists immediately appealed to the House of Representatives to stop restoring the 'barbaric practice'.

ICJ Senior International Legal Adviser Emerlynne Gil stated: 

"Filipino lawmakers seem intent on embracing the barbaric practice of executions purely as a political measure, without any understanding or even proper discussion of the death penalty’s impact or what their actions would mean to the international obligations of the Philippines," 

"The UN General Assembly has repeatedly adopted resolutions by overwhelming majorities, calling on all retention States to impose a moratorium with a view to abolition," 

Death Penalty Law Proposes Death By Hanging, Firing Squad, and Lethal Injection
Source: TNP, PhilStar

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