A Netizen named Alvin Beig started an online petition to forbid ABS-CBN from renewing their franchise because of biased reports.

Lately, ABS-CBN was repeatedly seen reporting misleading news and headlines against the Duterte administration and only favors the opposition (Yellow Party).

According to Beig, ABS-CBN need's congressional approval to renew their franchise. ABS-CBN has a reputation of bias reporting highlighting only bad news of non aligned candidates. They as well exaggerate news reporting to show public outburst.

ABS-CBN always favor a candidate during election and does not follow etiquette for journalism. ABS-CBN is a puppet tv station of yellow funded candidate and organizations to topple this government. Because of this ABS-CBN does not deserve to get a congressional approval for their franchise. We urge the 17th Congress not to approve their application, he added.

 If you wish to sign the petition click the link below:

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