A netizen shared his open letter to one of the opposition's front liners, Loida Nicolas Lewis. The letter called the Duterte basher a "spoiled old brat who lost a lollipop three times". 

Dodz Gacuya had his letter published in a website. 

He said Lewsi can rant all she wants, but the President will never resign. "You don't even live here. You're just a spoiled old brat who lost a lollipop three times." 

He said that Lewis should be denied access to the country with her "act of rebellion". 

"We know your malevolent intentions, right from the start you're wanting yellows to act like characters in the Game of Thrones. Yes, you're a billionaire but you're drunken in powers." he wrote. 

Lewis is one of the Liberal Party's biggest supporters. She even funded majority of Mar Roxas' campaign inn the May elections. 

"We will make sure that your dreams would die along with your six-feet grave" Gacuys wrote. 

He said the oligarchs will never hold positions again. The oligarchic system of the Liberal Party has made it earn criticisms for some time. 

"You're just a wife of an American black man-Who are you to tell Duterte to resign?" 

He said Lewis should be banned from entering the Philippines through a persona non-grata.


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