Rivera blast Robredo In a Facebook post of a prominent lawyer and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Atty. Bruce Rivera shared his opinion on a report from GMA News telling 'VP Robredo wants to be opposition's voice to make Duterte listen.'

It was also said that Robredo is determined to lead a campaign against President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly war on drvgs and that she did not believe his assurances there was no plot to oust her.

In line with this, Atty. Rivera slammed VP Robredo telling,

I want my VP defending heroes, not just criminals killed in the drvg wars.
He even said that,

If you [Robredo] cannot respect our President, what right have you got to our respect?

Kindly read Atty. Rivera's full post below.


Now, you are making me angry. Let me make this of record, I am not convinced you won the election because I know there was cheating. Yes, your party cheated otherwise why would the likes of Drilon and Villanueva garner more votes than Duterte. Hindi lang nakayanan ng powers niyo dayain si PRRD kasi hindi kayang i-justify ng PCOS machine.

At first, I wanted to be at peace with your victory because after all, you showed promise. Now, I am un-peacing myself. I am now questioning your legitimacy because how can you be legitimate when you are openly calling for the downfall of a clearly LEGITIMATE leader.

And you hide under the cloak of extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals as a platform to destabilize. WTF??? From the very person who blocked a move to investigate Mamasapano last January 2016 because it was before elections and you were afraid it will be used to malign reputations.

Mam, you fight for the lives of suspected criminals but you cannot even stand up for the dignity of our dead heroes. And you claim you are our Vice President.

No, Mam. You are not my Vice President. I want my VP defending heroes, not just criminals killed in the drvg wars. Until the recount proves you are the real winner, I am inclined to see the position unoccupied.

If you cannot respect our President, what right have you got to our respect?


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