Sandra Cam was enraged when Sen. Leila De Lima asked her to sit down during the Senate hearing, causing Cam to fire some fiery words at her.

Cam claimed that she is a more decent woman than De Lima, referring to the latter's love affair with former bodyguard-driver Ronnie Dayan.

"Hindi ako senadora, secretary of justice na pumatol sa bodyguard-driver. Di ako ganyan Leila. Disente ako di gaya mo." Cam said.

She also warned the senator for raising voice at her.

"I am warning her not to raise her voice because I don't care kung makulong ako, macontempt ako lalabanan ko yan dahil hindi naman yan disenteng babae," Cam added.

The incidet happened when Cam was standing while PNP Chief Ronald Bato Dela Rosa is naming the officials who fetched drug lord Kerwin Espinosa from Abu Dhabi. De Lima saw Cam standing, so she asked her to sit down as she is not a part of the hearing process.

"May I ask that lady (Cam) to sit down. She is not part of this. She's not a resource person. Please ask her to sit down. That's out of order!" De Lima instructed Cam.

To defend herself, Cam reasoned out that she is standing because Dela Rosa named her. She also wanted De Lima to consider her as a resource person so that she can tell the senate everything she knows.

"Kinukwestyon niya (De Lima) ang aking presence, para malaman niya, it was Sandra Cam who tipped police para ma-arrest ang isang drug lord" Cam said.
Source: TNP, NowReader

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