A well-known feminist lawyer Evalyn Ursua shared a shocking information through her personal facebook account about the real reason why Vice President Leni Robredo was barred not to attend Duterte’s cabinet meetings.
In her facebook post, Ursua claimed she talked to someone he tagged as “little bird” who possibly knew confidential details about the happenings throughout the cabinet meetings in Malacañang.
She asked if the reason why Leni Robredo was barred from attending meetings is because of her opposition on the burial of late President Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.
Little Bird responded and said that is not the reason, noting that Judy Taguiwalo, Liza Maza and Ka Paeng, who are members of the cabinet were more vocal than Robredo against the burial issue.
She also asked Little Bird if the reason is her stand against EJK, but Ursua’s guess was wrong again.
Little Bird eventually revealed that the true reason why Robredo was barred from attending the Cabinet Meetings, is because the Vice President allegedly leaked information from Malacañang and refused to cooperate in the investigation of the Yolanda housing anomaly.

Evalyn Ursua however, didn’t disclosed Little Bird true identity. As of writing, her viral post already gained more than 1,500 different reactions and 900 shares.


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