Political scientist Alex Magno in his Philippine Star column reveals that a Philippine Senator meets a “Black Widow” based in the United States to plan and has been signing checks for the well-funded public rallies and critical pieces aimed to oust and impeach Duterte.

 “The conspiracy, according to those who surround the President, is being funded by the billions of a Filipino-American widow.‎ For good measure, social media accounts have it that one senator, famous for counter-productive backchannel diplomacy, recently travelled to New York to meet with this Black Widow.

We are not too sure about unverified social media accounts and so we leave both characters unn‎amed,” said Magno. He said the Black Widow ‎could have been aided in her goal of ousting Duterte only if her bet, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won.

 He also said that the Yellows could have had better odds of ousting Duterte if only the economy was tanking; if China didn’t like Duterte too much; and if ‎they didn’t have a “record for political incompetence.” [source]

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