De Lima Drilon Two Liberal Party (LP) Senators, Franklin Drilon and Leila De Lima, on Thursday, December 8, debunk the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte that his “yellow” critics are plotting his ouster from Malaca├▒ang.

Senator Drilon told reporters:

“Walang katotohanan yan. We have not discussed any plot to change the President. We respect the mandate of the people.
Senator De Lima, a staunch critic of President Duterte, on the other hand, said:
The ‘yellows,’ including the LP senators, are simply weighing in or making their voices heard on those issues of deep public interest.

“And, certainly, we're not doing that to benefit any political figure or promote any political agenda.
President Duterte earlier said that the “yellows” were holding protests against him because they cannot accept defeat.


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