Lorraine Badoy and President Duterte
Doctor Lorraine Marie Badoy, the woman in the viral photo above, tells that she saw President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday when she attended the Retirement and Turnover Ceremony of the AFP Chief of Staff Bong Visaya.

Then, in a Facebook post last December 7, she shared what happened when she personally met the President.

She even described President Duterte as 'real, sincere, soft-spoken, warm, genuine and so simple' man.

Here's exactly what she posted. Please read.

Saw the president today.

And this is what he said to me. (and I have witnesses :D) : “You write so well.” WAAAAHHHHHH. KILIG!!! (Wow so he knows I call him ‘Digongmylabs’? :D:D :D)

And I, in turn, couldn’t stop smiling like a fool. And told him what is true to me and a whole lot of us, “Thank you for caring for us the way you do.” And he smiled a really heartwarming smile.

And he asked if I had eaten because he still had somewhere to go but “Come to Malacañang soon.” He talks to you the way real people talk. Not stilted, no affectations. Nothing forced. Nothing faked. Pinoy na Pinoy: “Kumain ka na ba? May lakad pa kasi ako. Bisita ka naman sa bahay.” Dba parang ganon lang ang usapan namin? Haha..

I was my father’s stand in date for a lot of his official functions when he held numerous government positions as I was growing up. And I got to meet all of our presidents—from Marcos down to Rodrigo Duterte.

And the one thing that strikes me the most about Pres. Duterte is how utterly real and sincere and soft spoken and warm and genuine he is. And most of all, so simple.

(And yes, add to all that, a most complex man. Full of layers. And highly nuanced.)

I think he is the real deal.

The event I attended was the Retirement and Turnover Ceremony of the AFP Chief of Staff Bong Visaya. And when the Presidential convoy arrived, there were no Range Rovers, no Mercedes Benzes—none of the usual elite fleet.

And what should the president come out of but a Toyota (Fortuner, I think). Level kami ng sasakyan. Haha..man oh man. I never thought I’d see the day when a Philippine president would be this simple.

Today was a good day for me. I got to be up close and personal with the President—a highly vilified man (vilified by elitists mostly, that’s what) and yet, too, one of the most beloved presidents this country has ever had. And I got to give him OUR message of gratitude and support.

In the end, history will be the final judge of this man. I pray he turns out to be the transformational leader we all want so badly for him to be.

PS Nga naman ang buhay diba? You get a chance to have your photo taken with the President and THIS happens.. :D

This was taken by my husband’s PMA classmate Gen. Louie Dagoy who is the President’s Senior Military Adviser. Galit ata saken si Louie. :D. Nabigla ata sha when I said, “Louie, take my photo naman with the President.” Sabay swak ng phone ko sa kanya.

Sabi nya siguro –“Ah ganon ha, inuutus-utusan mo ako, general na ako. Mahati nga mukha mo.” :D Thanks Louie, see you in Malacañang. Hardyharhar
Commenters who were happy with Badoy's encounter with the President shared this:

Aaaaawww! Kakainggit ka Doc! But thank you for letting him know we truly appreciate his love for his country and fellowmen.
HAHAHA READING THIS WHILE DRUNK! Tell me all about it! First time for me to be so enamored, and a politician at that! Inggit much! Hugs Lorraine Marie T. Badoy! Keep on writing and inspiring all of us poor souls who have no words to express how we truly feel. You are our avenue 😘
Reading your story made me happy too, just like I was the one meeting him. Thank you, Lorraine Marie T. Badoy.

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