MOSCOW–President Vladimir Putin has this evening condemned the ongoing power wrangles in the Philippines saying members of the Liberal party are the big problem in Duterte’s government.
“I wonder why they are fighting President Duterte,is it because Duterte is defending the poor? members of the liberal party are the biggest problem Filipinos should solve first, with people like Leni,Loida and Leila De Lima Philippines will never move ahead,Filipinos should push for the resignation of all crooked individuals in the government,” he remarked
According to the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday,”yellows”(meaning Liberal party) want to oust him and install the Vice President Leni Robredo who according to many she is very incompetent and cannot handle drug-lords since she is among the drug protectors.”Yung mga left they would never even allow me to step down . . . iyang mga komunista, iyang NPA (New People’s Army), puro Duterte yan. Ito pulitika ito, they wanted me out, siyempre yung vice president. O di kayo. You had your chance,” Said Duterte.

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