The sneaky and controversial burial of former President and Dictator Ferdinand Marcos continues to divide the nation as multiple protests are being staged against it in different locations across the country.

Social media wasn't spared from all the debates. Numerous personalities have voiced their opinions on the matter.

One of them is Brother Richie Yap of De La Salle University, who disagreed with Marcos apologists about forgiving the Marcoses.

He said in a post:


“But how? They have not admitted to any wrongdoing. They have not returned all that they have stolen. They have not apologized to the victims of their martial rule."

“Don't we teach children to apologize first before making peace? Even the Sacrament of Reconcialiation of the Catholic Church requires the penitent's repentance, confession, and intention to do works of reparation before the Priest gives the penance and absolution of sins.”

"I prefer a society of humble sinners where everyone takes responsibility for their actions and acknowledges their need for God in order to remain good and true."

Mocha Uson, vocal and die-hard Duterte supporter, has shown her support for the president’s decision by constantly slamming the anti-Marcos side. She condemned Yap for being unforgiving and for being a hypocrite.

Read her full post below:

Mocha Uson vs. Brother Richie Yap of DLSU: 'Ano Po Ba Ang Religion Niyo? Religion of Hate?'
Source: TNP, Facebook

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