Ms. Dimaluna 2016 A beauty queen from Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental is now being discussed by the netizens worldwide because of her brilliant answer during the QandA (Question and Answer) portion of Ms. Dimaluna 2016.

Devine Grace Capa – now Ms. Dimaluna Tourism 2016, asked about her opinion on the issue of extrajudicial killing in the Philippines today.

She said:

“I believe that life is a gift. If killing is to save a million lives, then it is better to sacrifice one life than to lose everybody’s safety and endanger humanity forever.”
Her answer quickly went viral. Some netizens praised her, but not all of them agreed with her opinion.

Just like this foreigner/commenter named Baz Conlin, she called Ms. Capa uninformed and lectured him about the issues about the Philippines.

remember, extra judicial killing is the killing of people by government forces without any sort of trial or legal justification. this person and all of you are painfully clueless about laws, human rights, and reason. you should be ashamed for being so uninformed and ignorant.
But then, Ms. Capa's fans defended her including the admin of the Dimaluna Ozamiz City Facebook page and replied:

Hi sir! Good day! We believe that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion! Thus, when she was asked about the issue, she answered it with her full understanding and beliefs! To call her and other people here, ignorant and uninformed is a form of stereotyping, for I myself have a different opinion about the issue! 👍
Another commenter (Angelo Louis) responded to Conlin, telling the foreigner must research first and not base his information on what media has reported. He believes that the drvg lords and addicts are killing each other to escape the authorities.

Baz Conlin, before u open your mouth make sure you have done your research well and not base your facts on what media has reported. There is no extrajudicial killings here in the country, its the drug addicts , druglords and drug coddlers killing themselves and making it look like the police did it. Media nowadays they dont report the truth, they report what gets the peoples attention and they dont care if its fabricated or make believe. I have lived in this country for more than 30 years and it's only now that I am not afraid to ride a public transportation at night because I know my security is the govts top priority. And with regards to the killings, haven't seen one in the place i work and in the town i live. Extrajudicial killings does not exist here, media
and delima created it to oust the president.The contestant merely spoke of what she has seen in this country.
Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III on a separate Facebook post commented on Ms. Capa's answer and said that the young beauty queen was on the right track...

...The young beauty queen was on the right track, I think, although because of her youth lacked the presence of mind to correct the emcee. Killing a suspect that violently resists arrest is not EJK (murder or homicide); it's self-defence by a person in authority. Outside of that, murder and homicide are unacceptable; they must be solved and the guilty parties, regardless of who they are, must be brought before the bar of justice. 

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