Leni Robredo A Facebook post of a lawyer named Ahmedy Paglinawan went viral after she shared some interesting remarks about Vice-president Leni Robredo.

On her Facebook post with more than 2.800 different reactions, she said:

You deny joining a rally against the government. Photos, however, place you neatly at the spot.

You deny complicity in a grand international plan to sow chaos in this country to the point that the President resigns. #LeniLeaks puts you right in the middle of it as prime beneficiary.

You deny the soundness of the implementation of the leaked plan. The current state of affairs shows the unveiling of your plan's first salvo: Thinking Pinoy, Sass, Mocha.

What next? Deny everyone who ever existed? Your country? Your god?

Even at denials, you are Queen of Incompetence.

Commenters on her post couldn't keep a mum over her remarks and said:

Save yourself VP and the OVP deny the Liberal Party. Show to us that we can trust you again, if not for your sake then for the sake of the Office.
Leni is so incompetent she truly believed it is a virtue.
Leni is so incompetent screwing things up beyond imaginable reason is a form of high-level skill set.
Leni is so incompetent that incompetence itself refused to do its job. Hahahahha
New denial queen?

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