WASHINGTON DC (White House) – The President of the United States, Donald Trump, through his executive powers, has increased financial aid to the Philippines almost three-folds.

The Philippines, who was receiving a maximum of $120 million for the past years from the United States would from immediate effect be receiving up to $300 million from the United States in financial aids.

"Duterte is doing a lot he cannot accomplish his good plans without enough money. He is a president not for only the Philippines, but the entire Asia. The Filipino population requires so much," Trump said.

Trump however did not comment if the funds were purposely to sponsor the drug war but insisted that a country with over 100 million people would require so much assistance.

Philippines becomes the first country to receive such amount from the United States in financial aids.

"This is to foster and sustain development progress; prevent, mitigate, and respond to humanitarian crises; and confront threats to the country's security and stability," Trump added.

Source: http://inquirer.local-reports.com/donald-trump-triples-financial-aid-to-the-philippines/

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