MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Not all the people who complained using social media sites like Facebook received support from the Netizens.

One example is the post of Netizen named Ashby  on her Facebook account. Her post is all about her complaint against a taxi driver named Leopoldo Domingo that they hired on January 13.

In her original Facebook post, Ashbywarned the Netizens to avoid the taxi driver that they hired along Quezon City because he already complained on the request of her father.

The argument between the driver and his passengers started when the father of Ashby instructed the driver to stop in a drug store for a while to wait for them which is already unfair to the taxi driver.

So when the taxi driver complained, the father of Ashby started to quarrel with the driver.

The taxi driver threatened his passenger to bring them to the police station because of the unfair treatment that he received.

Taxi driver: Lagi niyo kong tinatakot porket malaki kayo eh
Passenger: Aba maliit ka ba?
Taxi Driver: Eh naliliitan nga kayo sakin eh

The argument became worst when the father of Ashby instructed the taxi driver to park in a drug store to wait for them.

The taxi driver compalined to his passengers that it’s already unfair to wait for them because he already wanted to grab new passenger.

But the side of Ashby didn’t agreed and they insisted the driver to park his taxi in the drug store to wait for them without resetting the taxi meter.
After that, the passengers and the driver brought the fight in front of the drug store where other people are watching.

Before the video ended, the passenger also shown that they didn’t paid the taxi driver because he didn’t follow their request to wait for them.
In her post, she also said that they ended up in a police precinct, but she didn’t record it anymore.

The netizens reacted on the video posted by Ashby and instead of gathering support, she was criticized because of their rude attitude towards the taxi driver who’s only working for his family.

Netizens said that Ashby’s post is not accurate in the video that they watched.

Netizens also believed that there’s nothing wrong with the taxi driver did because he’s only defending his side from the alleged abusive passengers.
They also criticized Ashby for not paying the taxi driver.

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