Last week, Kapamilya actress, Erich Gonzales revealed that she had officially broken up with her Brazilian-Japanese boyfriend, Daniel Matsunaga

Erich's admission did not really come as a huge surprise for some fans. A few days before the official announcement, Erich's followers on the popular photo sharing site Instagram noticed that she deleted her photos with Daniel Matsunaga. This started rumors about their breakup

Initially, Erich did not publicly comment on the rumors regarding her relationship with Daniel. Because of the actress' reluctance to talk about the matter, fans were hoping that it was all just a small misunderstanding

Fans got their hopes up that maybe the two could still work it out when Daniel reportedly said that they were "ok" in a comment on Instagram a couple of days before the sad truth finally came out. 

Some popular sources for showbiz news on the internet have speculated that the breakup was caused by a third party, supposedly a girl. However, the third party theory was replaced by a more shocking one shortly after. 

Now, sources say the real reason behind the breakup was because of a misunderstanding between the two about money. The money rumor instantly went viral, causing a number of people to speculate that Daniel may have been leeching money off of his relatively more successful girlfriend. 

For a time, Daniel kept quiet about the accusations leveled against him. 
But according to an article by pep.ph, Daniel has reportedly released a statement regarding the issue. 

Daniel chose to talk about the accusations on Instagram. The actor/model said the following in a comment:

“I have respect for myself and I don’t depend on anybody to earn anything cause everything that I have comes from the Lord."

"Do not judge without knowing what happened."

"God bless you, guys.”

Check out this photo of  his comment from Instagram here:

JUST IN: Daniel Matsunaga Finally Reveals Details Behind Breakup With Erich Gonzales!

He even had the following to say to fans who he claims were easily persuaded by the rumors they see online:

JUST IN: Daniel Matsunaga Finally Reveals Details Behind Breakup With Erich Gonzales!

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Source: TNP, pep

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