After a heated altercation with Duterte supporters, Jim Paredes went to Twitter to defend himself.
Many Filipinos called Paredes and his cohorts out for their unruly actions at the commemoration of the EDSA 1 yesterday towards the Duterte Youth group.
The group was at the site silently protesting, doing nothing but carry their banners that air support for President Duterte.

Here’s how Paredes tried to escape the predicament he put himself into.
My unsolicited advice for Jim Paredes, file a patent at the Intellectual Property Office for the Commemoration of EDSA 1.
Once granted, that will give you a legal right to ask anyone you dislike to leave your party. Until then, EDSA Monument remains a public domain and every Filipino will never compelled to leave the premises just because your politics don’t align with theirs.
Jim Paredes tried to defend himself on Twitter, but when bombarded with the truth, he ended up blocking the people calling him out for his faults.
Source: Asianpolicy

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