• Street vendor was forced to spent his savings to buy his daughter a smartphone.
  • His daughter refused to go to school unless she has a smartphone.

A street vendor from Indonesia spent all his savings just to buy his daughter a smartphone!

Reports stated that his daughter has refused to go to school because all of her classmates already have one and she's embarrassed for not having one.

In a Facebook post, it was stated that the father noticed that his daughter started to refuse going to school and he later on found out that every single student in their classroom already has a smartphone and she's embarrassed because she doesn't have one.

Street Vendor spent his savings to buy his daughter a smartphone after she refused to go to school!

And as a father, he decided to give what his daughter needs. His savings amounting to IDR 6M or around $641 to buy his daughter what she wants and for her to go back to school again.

Netizens then expressed their disappointment over the behavior of the daughter who didn't consider how her father was working hard for their future.

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